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Biodiversity, the diversity of species, genes and habitats, delivers so-called ecosystem services, such as clean air or potable water. Today, it is in danger, both in Switzerland and worldwide, due to overuse of resources, loss of habitats and pollution. The FOEN is drawing up a national biodiversity strategy in order to halt this negative trend.

Biodiversity in forests -

The Swiss forest is ecologically diverse, it is made up of over 100 different types of forest. The predominant types, however, have naturally a poor diversity of species, and species-rich forests in humid zones were cleared in the 19th century. For both flora and fauna in Switzerland, the forest is important for survival. Approximately 35% of all species (26,000) are dependent on the forest.

Invasive species -

Invasive alien species – spreading at the expense of native animals and plants – represent a major threat, as they damage ecosystems in various ways.

More information on biodiversity is available in German, French and Italian

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Last updated on: 24.04.2015

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