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Magazine «environment» 1/2011 - Switzerland's Parks

Model regions of sustainable development | Opportunities for nature and countryside | Holidays in the park | Regions seize the initiative | Product labels give the economy a boost | Education the natural way | Global networks

Parks are good for everyone -

Editorial by Willy Geiger, FOEN vice Director

National Park, Regional Nature Park, Nature Discovery Park: Regional models of sustainable development -

A century after the Swiss National Park was set up in the Engadine, an Alpine valley in the canton of Graubünden, new parks are appearing across Switzerland. They combine the preservation and enhancement of nature and landscapes with sustainable development models for regional economies and societies in rural areas.

People in the park: «Interest is growing» -

Ursula Hilfiker-Tenisch, homemaker, Binntal Regional Nature Park in Upper Valais

Biodiversity: How does a park help a rare orchid? -

The Jura Vaudois Park is home to some unique natural treasures. They are its main assets. But what can the park do to ensure that these assets bring a good return? What benefit does living in a regional nature park of national importance bring to the local plants and animals?

Park products: «The Thaler sausage is our Roger Federer» -

In the Thal Regional Nature Park in the Solothurn Jura, the «Swiss parks» product label has already been awarded to 14 food products. All those involved are delighted, and nature and the environment benefit indirectly from this commercial success.

People in the park: «Seasonal and regional» -

Esther Keller-Hegi, landlady, Jurapark Aargau Regional Nature Park currently under development

People in the park: «We want to take care of our architectural heritage» -

Colin Karlen, carpenter, Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut Regional Nature Park currently under development

Tourism that is low impact yet profitable -

The park label can bring economic benefits to a region. But to achieve this, the parks must offer credible, high-quality tourist services that allow visitors to experience the park’s natural diversity, cultural values and scenic beauty.

Environmental education: The freedom to run around and marvel -

In the “Wildnispark Zurich-Sihlwald” nature discovery park the local urban residents have the opportunity to experience and learn about wildlife first-hand.

Adula Park: The new national park will be different -

The project for a second Swiss national park recently passed an important milestone: in August 2010 the Confederation approved the application for financial aid to establish the Adula National Park. If the park is set up, it will operate along completely different lines to the existing national park in the Engadine.

People in the park: «Grasp the opportunity» -

Rosula Blanc and André Georges, craftworker and mountain guide, Val d’Hérens Regional Nature Park under development in Lower Valais

People in the park: «It is up to us if we want to be more than just a marginal region» -

Karin Streit, farmer, Gantrisch Regional Nature Park under development

International parks: From Yellowstone to Entlebuch -

What do the oldest national park in the world, founded in the USA in 1872, and a biosphere reserve in the Lucerne Alpine foothills have in common? Both are central points in a worldwide network of natural areas and intact landscapes which aims to help stop the disappearance of the planet’s biological diversity.

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Last updated on: 01.02.2011

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Magazin «umwelt» 1/2011: Parklandschaft Schweiz



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