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Current issues

WRF 2015 in Davos – “Boosting Resource Productivity by adopting the Circular Economy” -

The WRF promotes innovation in the area of resource productivity through the integration of research, politics and the economy: this year’s conference will take place in Davos from 11 – 14 October 2015.

Resources, politics and fairness -

21.09.2015 - FOEN director Bruno Oberle, environmental engineer Stefanie Hellweg and economist Lucas Bretschger discuss ways to make resource consumption more ecofriendly.

Internationale Klimapolitik: vom Deadlock zu Unlock (the potential) -

Rede und Video von Bruno Oberle, Direktor des BAFU, am 4. Swiss Energy and Climate Summit vom 17. September 2015 in Bern (in German).

Environmental report 2015: Interviews with the management -

The management of the FOEN express their views on the key topics of the environmental report 2015 (videos).

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