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Topic Natural hazards

The main content on the topic of natural hazards provided by the FOEN

Natural hazards: In brief -

Provides information about the causes, key influences, risks and damage caused by natural hazards and on natural hazard management.

Naturgefahren: Fachinformationen -

only available in German, French and Italian

Natural hazards: Data, indicators and maps -

Provides an overview of the FOEN’s outputs on the topic of natural hazards.

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Last updated on: 12.11.2015

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Current natural hazards situation in Switzerland: all natural hazards


Interpraevent 2016 Logo
Interpraevent 2016 - 30 May - 2 June 2016

Recommendations for behaviour during natural hazard events

Correct behaviour before, during and after a natural hazard event helps people to ensure their own safety and that of others, and to reduce damage. Recommendations for behaviour in the case of a hazard event can be found here:
Alertswiss (externer Link, neues Fenster)  - (not available in English)


10 Jahre Hochwasser 2005 - (not available in English)