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Park and product labels

A park project becomes a park of national importance as soon as it has been awarded a park label by the federal authorities. From this point onwards, the park authority is also entitled to award a label to businesses and individuals for certain goods or services (product label).

Park label -

For the operation phase, park projects whose long-term future is assured and which meet the requirements specified by the federal authorities are awarded the park label by the FOEN. Parks in the establishment phase can use the the candidate label.

Product label -

The park authority can award the product label to individuals or businesses if the products concerned meet the specified sustainability criteria and are manufactured in the park area. The product label is designed to promote traditional skills/crafts in the region, as well as innovation.

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Last updated on: 01.11.2010

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Pärke von nationaler Bedeutung: Markenhandbuch - Anleitung zur Kommunikation der Marke – Teil 1. Anleitung zur Verwendung der Marke – Teil 2. 2010