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Integrated Product Policy: Green public purchasing

Government (the Confederation, cantons, municipalities) purchases goods and services worth about CHF 36 billion every year. This huge potential should be fully exploited, both to set a good example and to steer the market in the direction of better products and services. The Products Section has therefore established an Ecological Purchasing Service.

At a national and international level, the service works to develop framework conditions (law, finances, aids) that will favour environmental public purchasing. It cooperates with environmental, legal, financial, purchasing, usage and production specialists.

1. Services

Training of federal purchasers: Courses provided by the Federal Procurement Commission (BKB). Taking the criteria of sustainable development into account in purchasing. Incorporation of life-cycle thinking.

Information exchange and collaboration with the 2 largest associations of public purchasers in Switzerland, the Interest Group for Ecological Purchasing (IGöB) and the Coordination Group for Ecological Building (KöB). Developing and harmonising ecological criteria for the different areas in purchasing.

Preparation and distribution of aids for environmental purchasing, such as handbooks, recommendations and informations on eco-labelling.

Support of purchasing offices in connection with the introduction of Federal Resources and Environmental Management RUMBA.

Analysis of financial and budgetary questions in connection with life cycle approaches
OECD Project "Greener Public Purchasing"

2. Contact points

Public Purchasing Forum, Swiss Conference of Directors of Public Works, Planning and Environmental Protection (BPUK):

Competence Center for Federal Public Procurement CCPP, e-mail:
Labelinfo.ch (externer Link, neues Fenster) - (Praktischer Umweltschutz Schweiz, PUSCH)

3. Documents for use in practice

Buying green!: A handbook on environmental public procurement.
A Handbook produced by the European Commission, which is designed to encourage public purchasing authorities to take environmental considerations into account as far as possible in the procurement process.
01.05.2013 | 532 kB | PDF

Öffentliche Beschaffung: nachhaltig und rechtskonform
PUSCH Thema Umwelt 4/2002 (CHF: 15.-)
27.09.2006 | 1940 kB | PDF

can be ordered by:
Interessengemeinschaft ökologische Beschaffung (IGöB) (externer Link, neues Fenster) - Öffentliche Beschaffung, Leitfaden für eine nachhaltige Beschaffung (Public purchasing, Guidelines for sustainable purchasing), 2000, IGöB; Wirtschaftliche und umweltschonende Gebäudereinigung (Economical and ecological cleaning of buildings), 2000, IGöB

4. General documents

Die umweltfreundliche Beschaffung – vergaberechtliche Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
Studie erstellt im Auftrag der Beschaffungskommission des Bundes (BKB)
01.02.2006 | 581 kB | PDF

Better Public Transport for Europe through Competitive Tendering
A Good Practice Guide, 2003
27.09.2006 | 527 kB | PDF

can be ordered by:
Sustainable Development Strategy 2002
Brief description: p. 17
31.10.2006 | 788 kB | PDF

Publications of the FOEN - Agenda 21 on sustainable development > FOEN shop (key word: Agenda 21)
Erfa Info 1/98, Public purchasing - ecological and economical:
Greener Public Purchasing: Issues and Practical Solutions
OECD 2000, Order number ISBN 92-64-17688-8
27.09.2006 | 1398 kB | PDF

Contact: konsum+produkte@bafu.admin.ch
Last updated on: 29.12.2009

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