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Action plan Synthetic Nanomaterials

Report by the Federal Council of 9 April 2008

Cover Action plan "Synthetic Nanomaterials". Report by the Federal Council of 9 April 2008. 16 p.
Year 2008 
Description Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing field of research and development with increasing significance for business, research and society. It is therefore important to investigate thoroughly the potential risks as well as opportunities associated with it, and if necessary to take measures to protect humans and the environment. The Action Plan will create regulatory framework conditions for the responsible handling of synthetic nanoparticles. 
Pages 16 
Number DIV-4002-E 
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment FOEN 
Series Non-specialist publications 
Action plan Synthetic Nanomaterials
10.04.2008 | 537 kB | PDF

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