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Red List: Breeding birds

39% of Switzerland's breeding birds are included in the Red List. This quota hasn't changed since 2000. At particular risk are the species that occur in wetlands or on farmland.

Breeding birds

Of the 199 bird species that regularly breed in Switzerland, 78 species (39%) have been placed on the Red List. Another 32 species (12%) are classified as near threatened. Of the 78 Red List species, 6 are extinct as breeding birds in Switzerland, 9 are critically endangered and 21 are endangered.

Red List breeding bird species are to be found in habitats of all kinds, but the proportion of threatened species is markedly higher for wetlands and farmland than for forests or alpine habitats. 

Red list Breeding Birds (Summary) - Threatened species in Switzerland, standing 2010. 2010
Compilation of red list species of Aves
in five languages (De, Fr, It, Eng, Rm); with category of threat and further remarks; last updated: december 2010.
21.03.2011 | 93 kB | XLS

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Last updated on: 08.01.2010

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