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Indicator: Kilometer performance of private motor vehicle traffic

Mobility has always been essential for the population and is a vital condition of a functioning economy. The use of transport is however often associated with noise, air pollution which is damaging to health and emissions of greenhouse gases. Transport infrastructure takes up space and carves up the landscape. The extent of the pollution is determined partly by the method of transport chosen: if people choose to travel by public transport, by bicycle or on foot instead of by car, it is more environmentally friendly, better for their health and economically more efficient in general.
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Distances travelled by motorised private transport
* Domestic and foreign vehicles in Switzerland (excluding minibuses): Cars, private buses, motor cycles, mopeds; since 2008: Extrapolation
Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office: Swiss Traffic Statistics

The distance travelled by motorised private transport has increased by about 23% since 1990, from 45,000 to 55,893 million kilometres per year.
69% of all personal mobility journeys are made by car, with the share due to public transport at around 21%. One in three households have two or more cars, whereas one in five is car-free. A poll associated with the traffic microcensus indicated that most people reject measures to restrict the use of private cars (for example, car parking charges or an increase in the price of petrol).
This indicator shows the distance travelled annually by motor vehicles for personal mobility (in vehicle kilometres). The categories covered are cars, private buses, motor cycles and motorised bicycles. The data is taken from the Swiss Traffic Statistics published annually by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. They are summary statistics which combine the results of surveys by various Federal agencies.

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Last updated on: 14.07.2011

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