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Core indicator Cost of road noise abatement measures

Noise remediation is carried out where noise pollution is above the legal exposure limit for the population. Examples of the main remediation measures are construction of noise barriers and tunnels and installation of low-noise road surfaces. This is relatively expensive, but the on-costs of excessive noise pollution are much higher than the cost of noise abatement measures (see also the indicators for the external costs of noise pollution). Noise remediation therefore makes sense for the national economy.
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Total costs of completed noise abatement projects (road traffic) in million Swiss francs
Source: Federal Office for the Environment

Between 1985 and 2010, around 1,128 million Swiss francs were invested in road traffic noise abatement measures. 85 percent of these funds were spent on the construction of noise barriers and tunnels, and the remainder was used primarily for soundproofing buildings (e.g. installation of soundproof windows). In 2009 and 2010, more financial resources were invested in noise abatement than in previous years. However, the rate of progress with noise abatement measures is too slow in relation to the specified deadlines, and it is therefore questionable whether road noise abatement can be realised on schedule.

No data relating to the motorway network were available for 2010. This means that the figures for 2010 do not include measures carried out on the motorways, and they therefore cannot be directly compared with the status in 2009.

In order to guarantee the long-term success of noise abatement measures, noise emissions must be further reduced or at least held at current levels. At-source measures must be promoted more rigorously than before, e.g. through the use of low-noise road surfaces, speed reductions and the promotion of low-noise tyres.
In 2006, the relevant cantonal supervisory authorities were surveyed regarding the state of road traffic noise abatement measures. As part of this, information on noise abatement sections, the current and future noise situation, measures already taken and to be taken in future and the necessary financial resources were determined.

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Last updated on: 14.07.2013

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