Workshop on Eco-innovation Parks

20th and 21st of September 2012 in Berne, Switzerland

Within the framework of the European Research Area Network (ERA-Net), the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) initiated an international survey on eco-innovation parks. The study describes European and non-European industrial parks implementing eco-innovation or industrial symbioses. About 168 industrial parks have been detailed following a set of eco-criteria. In order to complete and validate the survey, FOEN organised a workshop to discuss European and worldwide experiences and to identify best practices and success factors for eco-innovation parks (20th and 21st of September 2012).

Presentations and Videos: 20th of September

Objectives of the Workshop on Eco-Innovation Parks (PDF, 323 kB, 10.10.2012)Daniel Zürcher, Head of Innovation Section, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

International survey on eco-innovation parks (PDF, 832 kB, 10.10.2012)Guillaume Massard, Scientific director, SOFIES SA

The Biorefinery of Pomacle Bazancourt (PDF, 1 MB, 10.10.2012)Jean-Marie Chauvet, Project manager, Bioraffinerie Recherche et Innovation

Eco Innovation Parks – from Masdar to Dübi & beyond (PDF, 2 MB, 10.10.2012)Nick Beglinger, President swisscleantech Association

CIMO (PDF, 9 MB, 10.10.2012)Eric-Bernard Meier, Head HSSE & Q CIMO; Manfred Sprissler, Head Infrastructures CIMO

FEGAPE 'AS GÁNDARAS' (PDF, 3 MB, 10.10.2012)Eduardo Gómara Casasolas, FEGAPE Federación galega de parques empresarias

Eco Innovation Park Devens (PDF, 2 MB, 10.10.2012)Peter Lowitt, Director Devens Enterprise Commission

21st of September

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