Traffic Section


The Traffic Section

  • studies all mobile sources of air pollution: transport (road, rail, aviation, shipping) as well as non-road sources (construction machines, tractors, equipment, etc.)
  • is responsible for investigating the air pollutant emission levels caused by traffic, non-road sources and stationary engines (CHPs, emergency power generators, etc.);
  • develops the conceptual, planning and technical foundations for measures to reduce air pollutant emission levels caused by traffic, non-road sources, and stationary internal combustion engines;
  • participates in the environmental sustainability testing of transport infrastructures and prepares opinions for cases of federal litigation in its field of activity;
  • coordinates and prepares the opinions of the FOEN in the field of "traffic and the environment".



Giovanni D'Urbano
head of section
Responsibilities: technical and administrative management of the section
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 40

Harald Jenk
Position: deputy head of section
Responsibilities: environmental impact assessments, cantonal structure plans, litigation; road, railway, shipping and aviation emissions, emission factors
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 50

Peter Bonsack
: development of motor air pollutant emissions; emissions from small engines, emergency power generators, stationary internal combustion engines (CHPs) and gas turbines
Tel.: +41 58 467 89 64

Philipp Hallauer
Responsibilities: non-road emission reduction measures, market surveillance construction equipment and particle filter systems
Tel.: +41 58 464 34 15

Simone Krähenbühl-Gammeter
Responsibilities: measures to reduce non-road emissions, measurement processes, enforcement supervision
Tel.: +41 58 465 31 86

Doris Ochsner Tanner
Responsibilities: transport coordination within the FOEN; opinions for the transport sector
Tel.: +41 58 462 96 87

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