Environmental report 2015

The “Environment Switzerland 2015” report provides an overview of the current state and development of the environment in our country. It assesses the measures implemented by the federal authorities to improve the quality of the environment and identifies areas in which further action is required. It also compares the progress achieved in Switzerland with that in neighbouring countries, and looks to the future by summarising the environmental outlook for the year 2030.

Teaser: Environmental report 2015 - Interview with Bruno Oberle

Environmental report 2015: Interviews with the management

The management of the FOEN express their views on the key topics of the environmental report 2015 (videos).

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Environment Switzerland 2015

Cover Environmental report 2015

Report of the Federal Council. 2015

Chapters, graphs and data

I. Stocktaking of environmental policy implementation

II. State of the environment

1. Resource consumption and its global consequences

2. Production

3. Consumption

4. Energy

5. Transport

6. Built-up areas

7. Agriculture

8. Climate

9. Biodiversity

Charts and evaluations: Biodiversity (Environment Switzerland 2015) (PDF, 74 kB, 28.01.2015)Biodiversity Charts and evaluations Environment Switzerland 2015

10. Air

11. Water

12. Soil

13. Landscape

14. Forest

15. Natural hazards

16. Noise

17. Electrosmog

18. Overview of pollution types

19. Overview of environmental impacts

Overview of environmental impacts (Environment Switzerland 2015) (PDF, 189 kB, 28.01.2015)Overview of environmental impacts Environment Switzerland 2015

III. Trends and outlook

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