Political Affairs Section


The Political Affairs Section is responsible for coordinating and verifying the quality of business matters for the attention of the FOEN management board, DETEC, the Federal Council and Parliament. It serves as the central point of contact for enquiries from the DETEC General Secretariat and Parliamentary Services on FOEN policy business.

  • Planning, coordination and monitoring of all business for the attention of DETEC and, as appropriate, Parliament 
  • Ensuring the editorial and content quality of business matters
  • Coordinating responses to correspondence on environmental issues for DETEC and the FOEN management board 
  • Advising the FOEN's divisions and management board on political processes and handling of environmental issues in the Federal Council, Parliament and parliamentary committees 


Susanne Schorta

Susanne Schorta Baumann
head of Political Affairs Section
Tel.: +41 58 462 54 39
E-mail: susanne.schorta@bafu.admin.ch

Sereina Dick
Position: deputy head of section, Research associate
Tasks: Ordinance packages, Federal Council business
Tel.: +41 58 322 98 38
E-mail: sereina.dick@bafu.admin.ch

Christine Ammann
Tasks: Office consultations, citizens' enquiries
Tel.: +41 58 461 88 48
E-mail: christine.ammann@bafu.admin.ch

Olivia Buchli
Position: Research associate
Tel.: +41 58 465 87 83
E-mail: olivia.buchli@bafu.admin.ch

Louis Ducret
Research associate
Tasks: Specialist committees and sessions
Tel: +41 58 46 34088
E-Mail: louis.ducret@bafu.admin.ch

Noémie Lanz 
Position: Research associate 
Tasks: Parliamentary requests and question time
Tel.: +41 58 467 89 67
Email: noemie.lanz@bafu.admin.ch 

Last modification 05.04.2022

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