Biodiversity Policy Section

This section

  • manages the implementation and development of a coherent federal biodiversity policy
  • manages the SBS Action Plan and oversees the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy (SBS)
  • is responsible for forest biodiversity and manages the forest biodiversity programme agreement
  • is responsible for the topic of invasive alien species
  • monitors the areas of climate change, agriculture and soil and contributes to their organisation in the context of biodiversity
  • manages the international conventions and cooperation on biodiversity, particularly the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  • leads biodiversity monitoring and the indicators and reporting
  • manages biodiversity education and research

Section topics:


Claudio De Sassi
Position: head of section
Responsibilities: forest biodiversity, forest reserves, monitoring, research, international cooperation
Tel.: +41 58 469 30 24

Lea Amacher
non-native species, biodiversity and climate change
Tel.: +41 58 484 46 91

Jean-Michel Gardaz
Responsibilities: SBS Action Plan impact analysis, principles and strategy, education and research, data, monitoring
Tel.: +41 58 464 49 54

Franziska Humair
Responsibilities: SBS Action Plan management, international cooperation, communication
Tel.: +41 58 463 36 66

Gian-Reto Walther
Responsibilities: non-native species, biodiversity and climate change, international cooperation, research
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 64

Last modification 06.04.2022

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