Ecological Infrastructure Section

This section

  • designs and manages the structuring and development of ecological infrastructure in Switzerland and monitors its implementation in the cantons
  • manages implementation and enforcement of the Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act (NHG) in relation to species and habitats
  • ensures the protection and conservation of native species (without mammals, birds, fish and crabs) and their habitats
  • manages biotopes of national importance (blanket and raised bogs, amphibian spawning sites, floodplains and dry meadows and pastures) and Emerald Areas
  • manages the programme agreements for nature conservation with the cantons
  • prepares concepts, bases and enforcement aids for ecological infrastructure and habitat conservation in Switzerland
  •  monitors revitalization and aquatic environment as well as agriculture in the context of biodiversity
  • manages national information centres on habitats
  • monitors international conventions in this area

Section topics:


Gabriella Silvestri

Gabriella Silvestri
head of section
Responsibilities: section management, ecological infrastructure, nature conservation programme policy, international cooperation
Tel.: +41 58 462 99 80

Béatrice Werffeli
deputy head of section
Responsibilities: management of the western Switzerland region (FR, GE, JU, NE, VD, VS); amphibian spawning sites; national information centre for biotopes of national importance 
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 67

Leïla Kislig
Responsibilities: ecological infrastructure
Tel.: +41 58 465 25 57

Stephan Lussi
Responsibilities: floodplains; springs; water protection and revitalisation
Tel.: +41 58 464 49 94

Bastian Moulin
Tel.: +41 58 463 03 45

Sophie Rudolf
Responsibilities: ecological infrastructure
Tel.: +41 58 469 76 51

Arianna Rusca
Tel.: +41 58 484 48 05

Peter Staubli 
Responsibilities: management of the eastern Switzerland region (GL, GR, SG, SZ, TG, ZG, ZH); bogs; biotopes of national importance (revision)
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 61

Daniel Walther
management of the central Switzerland region (AG, AI, AR, BE, LU, NW, OW); nature conservation programme agreements (overall coordination, individual projects); biotopes of national importance
+41 58 462 20 89

Nathalie Widmer
Responsibilities: management of the northern and southern Switzerland region (BL, BS, SH, SO, TI, UR); dry meadows and pastures; NHG protected habitats 
Tel.: +41 58 481 05 29

Debora Zaugg
Responsibilities: biodiversity and agriculture; wild bee conservation, insect promotion; Plant Protection Products Action Plan
Tel.: +41 58 467 69 29

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