Species and habitats Section

This section

  • ensures the conservation of species and habitats in Switzerland and assists in implementing these activities in the cantons
  • supervises the development of the ecological infrastructure and assists in implementing these activities in the cantons
  • is responsible for the biotopes of national importance (blanket and raised bogs, amphibian spawning sites, floodplains ,dry meadows and pastures) and the Emerald Areas and for implementing these biotopes and Emerald Areas in the cantons;
  • manages national information centres on species and habitats
  • manages the monitoring of, the data centres and indicators for and the reporting on biodiversity
  • is responsible for the areas of biodiversity and agriculture/ biodiversity and settlements
  • prepares the bases and the enforcement aids for species conservation and habitat protection in Switzerland 

Section topics:


Gabriella Silvestri

Gabriella Silvestri
 head of section
Responsibilities: section management, programme agreements under Art. 18/23 NCHA, biodiversity and agriculture
Tel.: +41 58 462 99 80
E-mail: gabriella.silvestri@bafu.admin.ch

Béatrice Werffeli
deputy head of section
Responsibilities: Biotopes of national importance (overall coordination, amphibian spawning sites), management of the western Switzerland region and Ticino (FR, GE, JU, NE, VD, VS, TI)
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 67
E-mail: beatrice.werffeli@bafu.admin.ch

Peter Staubli Beck
Responsibilities: biotopes of national importance (mires), management of the eastern Switzerland region (AI, AR, GL, GR, SG, SH, SZ, TG, ZG, ZH)
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 61
E-mail: peter.staubli@bafu.admin.ch

Danielle Hofmann
Responsibilities: Species conservation in Switzerland, national consulting
Tel.: +41 58 462 91 52
E-mail: danielle.hofmann@bafu.admin.ch

Glenn Litsios
biodiversity monitoring and indicators
+41 58 469 30 19
E-mail: glenn.litsios@bafu.admin.ch

Céline Michel
Responsibilities: ecological infrastructure
Tel.: +41 58 460 53 27
E-mail: celine.michel@bafu.admin.ch

Debora Zaugg
Responsibilities: biodiversity and agriculture
Tel.: +41 58 467 69 29
E-mail: debora.zaugg@bafu.admin.ch

Daniel Walther
biotopes of national importance, management of the central Switzerland region (AG, BE, BL, BS, LU, NW, OW, SO, UR)
Tel.: +41 58 462 20 89
E-mail: daniel.walther@bafu.admin.ch

Gian-Reto Walther
Responsibilities: alien organisms, biodiversity and climate change
Tel.: +41 58 462 93 64
E-mail: gian-reto.walther@bafu.admin.ch

Nathalie Widmer
Responsibilities: biotopes of national importance (dry meadows and pastures), management of region, species conservation
Tel.: +41 58 481 05 29
E-mail: nathalie.widmer@bafu.admin.ch

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