Timber Industry & Forest Management Section

Section responsibilities

  • Wood Resource Policy, wood promotion through the Aktionsplan Holz (Wood Action Plan) and the WWald- und Holzforschungsförderung (WHFF-CH) (Forest and Wood Research)
  • Contribution of wood to other sectoral goals, e.g. energy, climate, circular economy
  • Forestry sector monitoring and reporting
  • Enforcement of the timber regulation
  • Forestry sector (including infrastructure)
  • Forest and wood value chain
  • Wood monitoring and reporting
  • Swiss National Forest Inventory NFI and wood harvesting potential
  • Life cycle assessment wood
  • CO2 and wood products
  • Wood communications
  • Wood research
  • Wood energy
  • Economic aspects



Kammerhofer Alfred

Alfred W. Kammerhofer
head of section
Responsibilities: Innovations in the forestry and timber industry, Wood Resource Policy, wood forum, forest economics
Tel.: +41 58 463 03 08
E-mail: alfred.kammerhofer@bafu.admin.ch

Christian Aebischer
wood research and promotion, use of timber in construction and renovation, CO2 sink effect of wood products
Tel.: +41 58 485 00 58
E-mail: christian.aebischer@bafu.admin.ch

Matthias Biolley
Forest economics incl. infrastructure, forest/wood economy monitoring (forestry statistics, TBN test network), wood energy / national economic supply
Tel.: +41 58 485 08 69
E-mail: matthias.biolley@bafu.admin.ch

Ulrike Krafft
Responsibilities: Wood Resource Policy, co-programming of the Aktionsplan Holz (Wood Action Plan)
Tel.: +41 58 464 40 45
E-mail: ulrike.krafft@bafu.admin.ch

Marjo Kunnala
National Forest Inventory (NFI), forestry statistics on timber harvesting, wood utilisation potential in Swiss forests, CO2 sink effect of wood
Tel.: +41 58 481 05 97
E-mail: marjo.kunnala@bafu.admin.ch

Sonja Luginbühl
Bases for monitoring timber industry and forest management, course administration (health and safety and training), forest investment credit support
Tel.: +41 58 465 79 35
Email: sonja.luginbuehl@bafu.admin.ch

Sylvan Pavonet
Tel.: +41 58 462 02 31
E-mail: sylvan.pavonet@bafu.admin.ch

Fabian Reusser
Enforcement of Timber Trade Ordinance, IT software maintenance and support, wood species identification
 +41 58 46 98918
E-Mail: fabian.reusser@bafu.admin.ch

Achim Schafer
Wood trade regulation (EUTR/CHTR, AOC, duty to declare), timber market, wood monitoring
Tel.: +41 58 469 17 96
E-mail: achim.schafer@bafu.admin.ch

Claire-Lise Suter Thalmann
Responsibilities: Co-director of programming for the Aktionsplan Holz (Wood Action Plan), wood communications, wood energy
Tel.: +41 58 464 78 58
E-mail: claire-lise.suter@bafu.admin.ch

Further information

Further information

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