Flood Protection Section

The Section:

  • is the specialised agency for hydrological facilities dealing with flood protection;
  • is responsible for examinating projects and awarding compensation and financial aid under the hydraulic engineering act and the protection of water act;
  • monitors the implementation by the cantons of the hydraulic engineering act as well as the appropriate use of resources;
  • sets guidelines on the handling and carrying out of projects and for the calculation of compensations and financial aid;
  • monitors projects financed by federal resources (flood protection, rehabilitation of rivers);
  • checks buildings and facilities that affect flood security;
  • superintends the control of flow rates and lake levels.



Adrian Schertenleib
head of section
hydraulic engineering, flood protection (BE, GL, TI)
Tel.: +41 58 464 15 04
E-mail: adrian.schertenleib@bafu.admin.ch

Anna Belser
Research programme "hydraulic engineering & ecology", developement of application standards
Tel.: +41 58 464 60 12

Eva Gertsch
hydraulic engineering, flood protection (hydraulic engineering NW, UR, VS (german part), ZG)
Tel.: +41 58 464 09 29
E-mail: eva.gertsch@bafu.admin.ch

Christian Holzgang
Tasks: hydraulic engineering, flood protection (hydraulic engineering, AG, AI, AR, SH, SZ, TG, ZH)
Tél.: +41 58 462 39 57
E-mail: christian.holzgang@bafu.admin.ch

Markus Hostmann
Tasks: Alpenrhein expansion project, flood protection (hydraulic engineering GR, SG)
Tel.: +41 58 464 15 49
E-mail: markus.hostmann@bafu.admin.ch

Mario Koksch
 hydraulic engineering, flood protection (hydraulic engineering BL, BS, LU, OW, SO)
Tel.: +41 58 466 34 66
E-Mail: mario.koksch@bafu.admin.ch

Antoine Magnollay
hydraulic engineering, flood protection (hydraulic engineering VD, VS-central (french part)), third Rhone Correction
Tel.: +41 58 468 77 88
E-mail: antoine.magnollay@bafu.admin.ch

Barbara Münger
Tasks: Calculation of subsidies to flood control measures, rulings, archive
Tel.: +41 58 464 17 67
E-mail: barbara.muenger@bafu.admin.ch

Roger Rüegg
Tasks: projectdatabase, finances, contracts
Tel.: +41 58 462 81 18
E-mail: roger.rueegg@bafu.admin.ch

David Siffert
hydraulic engineering, flood protection (hydraulic engineering FR, GE, JU, NE, bas_VS (french part))
Tel.: +41 58 480 04 68
E-mail: david.siffert@bafu.admin.ch

Thomas Stauffer
Tasks: third Rhone Correction, projectdatabase, finances, GEVER
Tel.: +41 58 464 17 66
E-mail: thomas.stauffer@bafu.admin.ch

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