Risk Management Section

The section

  • is the specialised agency for issues concerning integrated risk management
  • develops strategies for comprehensive risk management based on comparable security standards throughout Switzerland;
  • advises and supports officials and expert committees in the area of risk management;
  • is responsible for hazard data and documentation (hazard maps, hazard register, data modelling, surveying the watercourses of national importance);
  • develops guidelines for the assessment of hazards during activities with a spatial impact and for quality assurance in the area of hazard assessment;
  • carries out event analyses in collaboration with specialised agencies;
  • develops frameworks for emergency plans and crisis management as part of integrated risk management and supports basic and advanced training in this field;
  • ensures interdepartmental cooperation in the event of an emergency and is responsible for the FOEN's internal crisis organisation;
  • superintends the control of flow rates and lake levels.



Gian Reto Bezzola

Gian Reto Bezzola
Position: head of section, deputy head of division
Responsibilities: risk management, event analysis
Tel.: +41 58 464 16 59
E-mail: gianreto.bezzola@bafu.admin.ch

Roberto Loat
Position: deputy head of section
Responsibilities: hazards, risk management, planning measures
Tel.: +41 58 464 16 57
E-mail: roberto.loat@bafu.admin.ch

Davide Albertini
Responsibilities: watercourses surveying / GIS
Tel.: +41 58 481 55 88
E-mail: davide.albertini@bafu.admin.ch

Manuel Häberli
Responsibilities: incident management, education local natural danger advisers
Tel.: +41 58 465 42 09
E-mail: manuel.haeberli@bafu.admin.ch

Andreas Inderwildi
Responsibilities: lake regulation
Tel.: +41 58 464 74 73
E-mail: andreas.inderwildi@bafu.admin.ch

Bertrand Jeanguenat
Responsibilities: watercourses surveying / GIS
Tel.: +41 58 469 30 71
E-mail: bertrand.jeanguenat@bafu.admin.ch

Markus Müller
 incident management, emergency plans
Tel.: +41 58 468 77 00
E-mail: markus.mueller@bafu.admin.ch

Wolfgang Ruf
Responsibilities: natural hazards data model, GIS
Tel.: +41 58 464 10 25
E-mail: wolfgang.ruf@bafu.admin.ch

Wanda Wicki
hazards, risk management
Tel.: +41 58 462 32 63
E-mail: wanda.wicki@bafu.admin.ch

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