Hydrogeological Basics Section

The Hydrogeological Section is the federal service for national groundwater monitoring (quali-tative and quantitative and national hydrogeological summaries)

The Section

  • is the federal service for hydrogeology and advises other federal offices, the cantons and private entities;
  • is responsible for the National Groundwater Monitoring programme (NAQUA) and runs the measurement network for the observation of isotopes in the water cycle;
  • provides information about the qualitative and quantitative condition of Switzerland's groundwater;
  • provides hydrogeological information and makes hydrogeological data and assessments available to interested parties;
  • produces hydrogeological summaries and overview maps of Switzerland;
  • is in charge of INFRO-TRACER central station for tracer tests in groundwater.



Ronald Kozel

Ronald Kozel
Position: head of section, head of division
Responsibilities: Hydrogeology, National Groundwater Monitoring Programme NAQUA
Tel.: +41 58 464 77 64
E-mail: ronald.kozel@bafu.admin.ch

Michael Sinreich
Position: deputy head of section
Tel.: +41 58 465 31 99
E-mail: michael.sinreich@bafu.admin.ch

Aysel Güler
Tasks: Data control, cleansing and services
Tel.: +41 58 464 76 44
E-mail: aysel.gueler@bafu.admin.ch

Jessica Stapleton
Tasks: Assistente, InfoTracer, servizio dati
Tel.: +41 58 496 29 63
E-mail: jessica.stapleton@bafu.admin.ch

Miriam Reinhardt
Tasks: Groundwater quality, National Groundwater Monitoring Programme and SPEZ Module
Tel.: +41 58 464 56 34
E-mail: miriam.reinhardt@bafu.admin.ch

Philine Schneider Peier
Tasks: Data management - National Groundwater Monitoring Programme NAQUA
Tel.: +41 58 480 05 21
E-mail: philine.schneider@bafu.admin.ch

Marc Schürch
Tasks: Groundwater quality, Water isotopes -National Groundwater Monitoring Programme NAQUA and QUANT and ISOT modules
Tel.: +41 58 463 03 21
E-mail: marc.schuerch@bafu.admin.ch

Stephanie Zimmermann
Tasks: Groundwater quality, National Groundwater Monitoring Programme and TREND Module
Tel.: +41 58 462 19 23
E-mail: stephanie.zimmermann@bafu.admin.ch

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