Hydrological Basics State of Waters Section

The Hydrological Basics State of Waters Section is the federal service for the planning of national monitoring of the quantity and quality of surface water, for data preparation and for scientific analysis

This section

  • coordinates activities involving the analysis of the quantity and quality of surface water. It plans and runs the associated national measurement networks and is responsible for managing the quality of surface water as part of its monitoring activities;
  • is responsible for the scientific evaluation, analysis and publication of hydrological data that the government collects on surface water;
  • is responsible for the analysis and interpretation of hydrological data with the aim of preparing reliable principles for water management and protection; prepares recommendations and guidelines on determining Q347 low water discharge as the basis for quantitative waterway protection;
  • conducts hydrological analyses of national interest, on, for example, long-term changes in the water supply and natural disasters (flooding and low water);
  • plans and conducts hydrological studies and research projects in order to better understand the hydrological cycle and climate change issues;



Florian Storck
Position: head of section
Tel.: +41 58 481 55 92
E-mail: florian.storck@bafu.admin.ch

Joëlle Blanc Kümin
Tasks: NADUF/NAWA, Database quality of waters, solid material
Tel.: +41 58 469 50 75
E-mail: joelle.blanc@bafu.admin.ch

Alessandro Grasso
Tasks: Solid material
Tel.: +41 58 464 76 69
E-mail: alessandro.grasso@bafu.admin.ch

Thilo Herold
Tasks: Water temperature
Tel.: +41 58 463 94 50
E-mail: thilo.herold@bafu.admin.ch

Ursula Leuenberger
Tasks: NADUF/NAWA, Database quality of waters, solid material
Tel.: +41 58 464 76 72
E-mail: ursula.leuenberger@bafu.admin.ch

Marie-Ève Randlett
NADUF, Database quality of waters
+41 58 461 19 78
E-mail: marie-eve.randlett@bafu.admin.ch

Päivi Rinta
NAWA, bathing water quality (BAQUA)
Tel.: +41 58 469 77 57
E-mail: paeivi.rinta@bafu.admin.ch

Manuela Schmied Brügger
Section assistant, data service
+41 58 469 20 90
E-Mail: manuela.schmied@bafu.admin.ch

Last modification 05.06.2019

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