Hydrological basics of quantity Section

The Quantitative Hydrology section is the federal centre of expertise for monitoring surface water flow rates and water levels at national level. The section provides a reliable basis for water management.

This section

  • plans and coordinates the monitoring of surface water volume;
  • is responsible for the scientific evaluation, analysis and publication of hydrological data on surface water volume collected by the federal authorities, and for environmental reporting on this topic at national and international level;
  • provides basic groundwork on long-term changes in water supply and on extreme events such as high and low water levels for the purpose of flood prevention, water pollution control and water usage;
  • publishes information on the impact of climate change on waters;
  • compiles recommendations and guidelines for determining low water Q347 flow rates as a basis for quantitative water pollution control;
  • conducts hydrological surveys and research projects;
  • advises other federal agencies, the cantons and members of the public, and handles legislative affairs concerning surface water hydrology.



Petra Schmocker-Fackel
Position: head of section
Tel.: +41 58 464 76 66
E-Mail: petra.schmocker-fackel@bafu.admin.ch

Fabia Hüsler
Position: deputy head of section
Tasks: Research, Accompaniment of Parliamentary and Federal Council Affairs, Participation of committees (Geo/Geoss)
Tel.: +41 58 469 77 53
E-mail: fabia.huesler@bafu.admin.ch

Martin Barben
Tasks: Water balance, flood estimation, hydrolgical yearbook, hydrological Atlas (HADES)
Tel.: +41 58 464 53 37
E-mail: martin.barben@bafu.admin.ch

Emmanuel Brocard
Tasks: Hydrological forecasts, monitoring parliamentary and Federal Council transactions
Tel.: +41 58 468 60 90
E-mail: emmanuel.brocard@bafu.admin.ch

Caroline Kan
Tasks: Statistical analysis of hydrological data, low flow and flood statistics
Tel.: +41 58 463 03 22
E-mail: caroline.kan@bafu.admin.ch

Last modification 25.05.2021

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