Species, Ecosystems, Landscapes Division: Management, Staff Unit, Secretarial Office


  • The Head of Division is responsible for the technical, personnel and administrative management of the Division.
  • The Staff Unit coordinates divisional activities and is responsible for organisational matters, projects and finances.
  • The Secretarial Office has clerical and administrative responsibilities.
  • Data management and geoinformatics


Hans Romang

Hans Romang
Position: head of division
Tel.: +41 58 469 07 60
E-mail: hans.romang@bafu.admin.ch

Reinhard Schnidrig

Reinhard Schnidrig
Position: head of section, deputy head of division
Responsibilities: coordination of programme agreements, large predator management, handling of international affairs
Tel.: +41 58 463 03 07
E-mail: reinhard.schnidrig@bafu.admin.ch

The action plan to implement the Swiss biodiversity strategy

Franziska Humair
Position: management of the action plan to implement the Swiss biodiversity strategy
Tel.: +41 58 463 36 66
E-mail: franziska.humair@bafu.admin.ch

Staff Unit and Secretarial Office

Jean-Michel Gardaz
head of staff unit
Responsibilities: management of the Staff Unit, political affairs, public relations
Tel.: +41 58 464 49 54
E-mail: jean-michel.gardaz@bafu.admin.ch

Nicole Favre
deputy head of staff unit
Responsibilities: Management of the secretarial office and finances
Tel.: +41 58 467 86 54
E-mail: nicole.favre@bafu.admin.ch

Stefania Di Stefano
Responsibilities: Secretarial Office
Tel.: +41 58 469 00 05
E-mail: stefania.sabato-distefano@bafu.admin.ch

Gabriela Pauli
Position: Coordinator and editor of internet content, head of administration of federal tasks, Secretarial Office
Tel.: +41 58 483 93 83
E-mail: gabriela.pauli@bafu.admin.ch

Helmut Recher
 data management, geoinformatics
Tel.: +41 58 465 37 94
E-mail: helmut.recher@bafu.admin.ch

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