Rahel Galliker, Vice Director

Rahel Galliker is member of the FOEN management and responsible for the Hydrology Division, the Waste and Resources Division, the Economics and Innovation Division and the Environmental Monitoring Section.

Rahel Galliker

Curriculum Vitae

Rahel Galliker (b. 1975) grew up in Gelfingen/Hitzkirch in the canton of Lucerne. After leaving school with a scientific Matura, she studied law at the University of Bern. She graduated at the beginning of 2000 and subsequently completed a graduate internship at the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). This was followed by an on-the-job traineeship and permanent position at the Cantonal Bank of Bern BEKB / BCBE, in the Restructuring department. In 2003 she became a research assistant at the then Federal Office for Refugees. In 2005 she returned to FEDRO as a research assistant, where her main activities included implementation of the new national fiscal equalisation scheme. In 2008 she became Head of the Political, Economic and International Affairs Division and then in 2013 was appointed Deputy Head of the Political and Official Affairs Division.

From April 2016 to February 2023, she served as private secretary to the Federal Chancellor, and from May 2017 was also Head of Staff to the Federal Chancellor. These roles included making political assessments of, in particular, Federal Council business under the joint procedure. She was also responsible for providing leadership support to the Federal Chancellor and the Vice Chancellors.

As of February 2023, Rahel Galliker is a Vice Director at the Federal Office for the Environment. The divisions under her responsibility are Economics and Innovation, Waste and Resources, and Hydrology.

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