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Status of remediation of contaminated sites

All in all it is assumed that of the approximately 38,000 contaminated sites, around 4,000 represent a risk for human beings and the environment and therefore should be classified as contaminated. Work on decontaminating those sites that represent an acute risk for protected resources has meanwhile been initiated almost everywhere. The aim is for all ongoing studies to be concluded by 2025 and for the decontamination of all sites to be completed by 2040. This staggered approach ensures that significant environmental risks are eliminated quickly, without overextending the financial possibilities of the public purse or the involved private entities.

Assessment of the state
medium medium
Assessment of the trend
positive positive
Accident site 2018: 48 Industrial site 2018: 1148 Landfill site 2018: 184 Accident site 2017: 44 Industrial site 2017: 986 Landfill site 2017: 169 Accident site 2016: 44 Industrial site 2016: 904 Landfill site 2016: 153 Accident site 2015: 44 Industrial site 2015: 826 Landfill site 2015: 140 Accident site 2014: 42 Industrial site 2014: 742 Landfill site 2014: 136 Accident site 2013: 39 Industrial site 2013: 700 Landfill site 2013: 131 Accident site 2012: 38 Industrial site 2012: 554 Landfill site 2012: 128 Accident site 2011: 18 Industrial site 2011: 468 Landfill site 2011: 114 Accident site 2010: 26 Industrial site 2010: 398 Landfill site 2010: 106

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Source: Cantons, VBS, BAV, BAZL, BAFU

More than 1,300 contaminated sites – including major hazardous sites such as the landfills in Kölliken, Bonfol and Monthey (Pont Rouge landfill) –  have already been remediated. However, there are still over 2,600 contaminated sites awaiting remediation. For that reason, the current state is  assessed as medium. Every year new and sometimes very comprehensive remediation work is begun, thanks in part to the Confederation’s OCRCS subsidies. The trend is therefore considered positive.

International comparison

The remediated sites are also recorded within the framework of EIONET. It must be noted that in the different countries there are different legal situations for the remediation of contaminated sites and so also for the obligation to carry out remedial work. A slight trend can be seen however, in which for Switzerland the proportion of contaminated sites already remediated is high compared to the total number.


Statistical evaluation of the reports.

Basis for assessment of the trend
Targeted trend Initial value Final value Variation in % Observed trend Assessment
Growth Average 2010-2012 Average 2016-2018 98.92% Growth positive
Last updated on: 09.07.2019

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