More than 1000 research groups are actively engaged in environmental research in Switzerland. The FOEN has recorded them in an ad hoc database.

The database allows an overview of a wide range of environmental research, covering themes as varied as the origins of the Earth, the understanding of natural processes and solutions for concrete environmental problems.

The database gives details of over 1000 public and private research groups (excluding those in private companies), such as

  • their field of investigation,
  • their group leaders (at the level of university chair or head of laboratory)
  • their location: each main research topic is provided with a map of Switzerland showing where the institutions are located.

Neither the Federal Office for the Environment nor its employees accept any liability, whether explicit or implied, for the accuracy or completeness of the information in this database. The database is updated regularly and to the best of our knowledge.

Last modification 09.11.2017

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