B/CH/15/01 (B15001): Application to release a genetically modified apple tree with improved fire blight resistance for experimental purposes

Request partially authorised 29.04.2016.

Publication in the Federal Law Gazette (BBl):

Applicant: Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS and Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS

Organism: Apple

Property: Resistance to fire blight

Genetic modification:

- Fire blight resistance gene

  1. Promoter: native promotor from the FB_MR5 gene;
  2. Fire blight resistance gene FB_MR5 from wild apple Malus x robusta 5;
  3. Terminator: native terminator from the FB_MR5 gene.

- Marker gene

The target gene (FB_MR5) was cloned into a „disarmed" T-DNA of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The transfer of the T-DNA into the apple genotype ‘Gala Galaxy' was mediated by agrobacteria using a binary vector system. The marker genes were removed upon activation of a recombinase from the transgenic intermediate product.

Purpose of experiment:

  • Verification under orchard condition if morphologic, physiologic and genetic differences are present between the cisgenic line and its wild type (‘Gala Galaxy');
  • Clarification of biosafety aspects.

Location of experiment:

  • Protected site of Agroscope at the site of Zurich, Reckenholz, Reckenholzstrasse 191, 8046 Zurich

Duration of experiment: Spring 2016 to end of 2021

Legal basis:

  • Gene Technology Act (GTA)
  • Release Ordinance (RO)



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