Comments on SwissPRTR data

Data from approximately 250 facilities on the releases of pollutants and transfers of waste in wastewater are published annually in the Swiss Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, or SwissPRTR. The data are collected by the facilities, checked by the cantons and published by the FOEN.

The SwissPRTR has been in operation since 2007. The public can access its data on the releases of pollutants and transfers of waste in wastewater and their related explanations by selecting any one the various search options.

Since the register was created, several facilities have adopted measures to reduce pollutant loads in the air or in wastewater. By offering the possibility of commenting on the data, the register is fulfilling its function as a highly transparent information channel.

About the data in the SwissPRTR pollutant register

The register contains information about the releases of 86 pollutants and the transfers of waste and hazardous waste. The data now accessible to the public include the reports of around 250 facilities that are active in one of the nine industries identified in the Ordinance and exceed a specific size.

Caution should be taken when interpreting the data. Please read the information on interpreting the data in the "SwissPRTR FAQ". Since absolute figures are provided, the data greatly depend on the size of the respective facilities. Changes may have different causes, such as production increases or decreases, process alterations or even improvements to the treatment of exhaust air or wastewater. In addition, production is also being relocated abroad, which means that pollutants are being released abroad and not in Switzerland. For these reasons, it is difficult to draw conclusions on developments.

Feedback can be e-mailed to  or sent by mail to: Federal Office for the Environment, Air Pollution Control and Chemicals Division, SwissPRTR, CH-3003 Bern.

Last modification 14.04.2023

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