Formula or abbreviation C9H11Cl3NO3PS
CAS Number 2921-88-2
Uses Insecticide of the organophosphate class (against bloodsucking and biting insects, soil pests, various household and storage pests, as stall delousing agent)
Properties Colourless crystal
Impacts Uptake through skin contact, mouth and respiration; damages the nervous system of insects by acting as a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Toxic for humans and animals, fish and bee poison, very toxic for amphibians
Notes Other names: Dursban, Empire, Eradex, Lorsban, Loxiran, Stipend
Suspected endocrine disruptor
The principal decomposition product in the environment, chlorpyrifos oxon, is more toxic to amphibians than the initial product.
Thresolds (Annex 2 PRTR)
Air Water Soil
- 1 kg 1 kg

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