Sector agreements

Voluntary agreements with sectors of the economy are an established environmental and climate policy instrument. They enable amicable solutions with the economy in the interests of both parties.

Both the Environmental Protection Act (Art. 41a) and the CO2 Act (Art. 3 para. 4) provide for agreements between the Confederation and whole sectors of the economy (industries). Sector agreements contain, for example, quantitative reduction targets of pollutants or greenhouse gases and define principles of efficient use, recycling of a pollutant, and disposal, or the introduction of new technologies.

To achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the following sector agreements have been concluded:

Industry solution for SF6

The voluntary industry solution has the goal of
limiting consumption and emissions of SF6 as far as possible. It is coordinated by Swissmem.

Agreement with managers of waste treatment installations

The agreement aims to reduce emissions from waste incineration, to create incentives for more efficient energy use and to promote the deployment of CO2 capture in waste treatment installations.

Last modification 16.03.2022

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