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Particulate matter emissions

"Particulate matter" (PM10) refers to particles less than 10 micrometres in diameter. PM10 is a physico-chemically complex composite. It is formed in industrial and commercial production processes, combustion processes, mechanical processes (abrasion, whirling-up) and through secondary formation (from sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds). PM10 is very diverse in terms of composition and may contain heavy metals, sulphate, nitrate, ammonium, organic carbon, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or dioxins/furans. PM10 causes disorders of the respiratory tract and cardiovascular system and increases the cancer risk and mortality rate.

PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2019: 14.2 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2018: 14.4 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2017: 14.7 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2016: 15 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2015: 14.7 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2014: 15.4076265739844 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2013: 16.1591790407613 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2012: 16.1270781388032 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2011: 16.2225913177694 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2010: 16.8103234237985 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2009: 16.7738117427589 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2008: 17.148920138651 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2007: 17.269083974758 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2006: 17.4640094207812 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2005: 17.6610498016934 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2004: 17.7754373310394 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2003: 18.257049772322 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2002: 18.4109876308036 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2001: 18.7164133097994 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 2000: 19.0930835243195 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1999: 19.7034190686514 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1998: 20.5644207545534 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1997: 21.9748052477094 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1996: 22.2967577351898 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1995: 22.5781673419247 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1994: 23.2456272861694 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1993: 23.98424198263 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1992: 24.6536819010806 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1991: 25.2239563398524 PM10 Emissionen (territorial) 1990: 25.8410960342138

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Source: FOEN

Emissions of particulate matter have been steadily declining since 1990, but the current levels of PM10 are still causing respiratory tract and cardiovascular disorders and increased rates of mortality. Further measures to reduce PM10 emissions (e.g. applying the "best available technology" standard to vehicles, industrial and agricultural equipment, and heat generators) are therefore necessary.


Emissions are determined by multiplying the annual human activity rates by pollutant-specific emission factors. Data are gathered by means of surveys, modelling and calculations.

Last updated on: 17.05.2021

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