Hydrogeological geodata

The FOEN provides standardised geodata on groundwater in Switzerland on a superordinate scale.

Hydrogeological maps and information systems show the distribution and characteristics of groundwater resources and are an important basis for managing groundwater. The geodata published by the FOEN cover various levels of detail, ranging from a hydrogeological overview map to standardised maps on a regional scale.

Hydrogeological overview map

The overview map outlines the distribution of the main aquifer types in Switzerland: unconsolidated, fractured and karst aquifers.

Hydrological maps 1:500,000

The hydrogeological conditions in unconsolidated and consolidated rock are described uniformly throughout the country in the groundwater resources map (vector and raster data). It shows the types of aquifer and their yield and contains further hydrogeological information such as the main spring and groundwater catchments.

The groundwater vulnerability map (raster data) shows the pollution sensitivity of the groundwater resources.

Hydrogeological maps 1:100,000

The maps (raster data) with accompanying explanations provide a view of the groundwater conditions in each region. To date, maps have been drawn up for the Jura, large parts of the Swiss Plateau and the eastern foothills of the Alps. Digital versions of the sheets for Northwestern Switzerland are available as a seamless, harmonised vector dataset.


The FOEN also provides regional-scale vector datasets on karst water aquifers, catchment areas and springs and shrinkage, which take into account the special flow conditions in karst aquifers. The data records are available for selected regions.

Groundwater bodies

The map of groundwater bodies shows a simplified and comprehensive view of the various hydrogeological units in Switzerland. The concept of groundwater bodies was developed by the European Environment Agency for environmental reporting at EU level. They are not used as management units in Switzerland.

Data access

All of the data described is available on the federal geoportal under the topic Waters, and can be accessed via the infobox:

The data is summarised on the FOEN website:

Printed products can be ordered from swisstopo:

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