Evaluating the outcome of restoration projects

With the Program Agreement 2020-24 a standard framework for the outcome evaluation of river restoration projects has been specified throughout Switzerland, comprising two elements – the STANDARD and the EXTENDED outcome evaluation. Findings from the outcome evaluation are to be translated into specific recommendations for action. As a result, future restoration projects should be even more cost-effective and make a substantial contribution to the preservation and promotion of indigenous biodiversity.

This practice documentation is conceived as a collection of factsheets and technical sheets. The fact sheets explain the general procedure of outcome monitoring as well as the financing and development of the framework. The technical sheets describe the concrete design of the field surveys and the evaluation for 10 indicator sets. Furthermore, forms and tools for the indicator sets can be downloaded on this page.Individual documents will be updated over time. Please make sure that you always use the latest version for the surveys and data entry. These can be found on this website.

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