Air pollution: What can I do?

Scope for individual action


  • Avoid unnecessary journeys
  • Take holidays locally, avoid long flights
  • Walk, cycle and use trams, buses and trains more often
  • Share cars rather than travelling alone in one car
  • Cut your speed, drive economically
  • Switch off the engine when stationary


  • Generally reduce room temperatures (to 19 - 21°C in living rooms and 16 - 18°C in bedrooms and elsewhere)
  • Air rooms intensively for short periods only (3 - 5 minutes with a through-draught)
  • Improve insulation of windows, doors and outside walls
  • Close shutters at night
  • Have heating systems serviced professionally
  • Replace old heating equipment with modern systems, or else overhaul them
  • If you live in an apartment block, ask for an individual heating bill

In the workplace:

  • Promote recycling
  • Use low-emission materials
  • Switch to environment-friendly technologies
  • Filter flue gas
  • Choose low-sulphur heating oil
  • Modernize heating, incineration and process-heating equipment
  • Ship goods by rail rather than by road
  • Save energy (electricity, heating oil, gas)

In the home:

  • Produce less waste (bear this in mind when making purchases)
  • Compost organic kitchen and garden waste
  • Sort refuse: paper, glass, aluminium and scrap metal
  • Dispose of special wastes correctly: batteries, waste oil, fluorescent lamps, solvents
  • No illegal burning of refuse in the fireplace or garden
  • Buy local products to reduce food miles
  • Use solvent-free paints, varnishes, cleaning fluids, adhesives, spray-cans and wood preservatives

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