Legal Status

Implementation aid

This Particle Filter List is an implementation guide issued by the FOEN in its capacity as a supervisory authority, and is addressed primarily to the enforcement authorities. It seeks to clarify undefined legal concepts contained in the relevant Acts and ordinances so as to facilitate consistent enforcement practices. Authorities who give due consideration to these guides can safely assume that federal law is being correctly implemented. Alternative approaches are, however, permissible provided they comply with the legal requirements. Guides of this kind (until now also referred to as guidelines, instructions, recommendations, handbooks, enforcement aids, etc.) are published by the FOEN in the series entitled "Environment in practice".

Extent of the implementation aid

The following elements are part of the implementation aid:

  • all the web pages with the URL;
  • all the pictures, charts and tables on these pages;
  • all the documents linked from these pages or downloadable from them, except for those specifically marked as external.

This following elements are not part of implementation aid:

  • the web pages given as links;
  • linked and downloadable documents which are marked as external.

Further information

Last modification 30.04.2021

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