Chlorophenvinphos (C12H14Cl3O4P)

Other names

Birlane, Dermaton, Sapercon, Steladone and Supona

CAS Number



  • colourless or amber-coloured liquid

Main sources

  • insecticide and acaricide
  • agriculture
  • horticulture
  • mosquito control

Thresholds for the reporting requirement of facilities in accordance with Annex 2 PRTRO

(Ordinance on the Register relating to Pollutant Release and the Transfer of Waste and of Pollutants in Waste Water)

  • Air                -
  • Water          1 kg/year
  • Soil              1 kg/year


  • toxic to humans and animals
  • harmful to the nervous system
  • toxic to fish and bees


  • banned in the USA since 1992
  • banned in the EU since 2002 (with exceptions)
  • allowed in Switzerland for various vegetables

Further information

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