Ethylene oxide (C2H4O)

Other names

1,2-epoxyethane, oxirane, dimethylene oxide, oxacyclopropane, EO

CAS Number



  • colourless, highly flammable gas
  • sweet smell, similar to ether

Main sources

  • industry and commerce
  • intermediate product in the production of ethylene glycol (automotive coolant and antifreeze)
  • disinfectant for foodstuff, organic insulator material (wool, plant fibres), textile fibres, medical equipment

Thresholds for the reporting requirement of facilities in accordance with Annex 2 PRTRO

(Ordinance on the Register relating to Pollutant Release and the Transfer of Waste and of Pollutants in Waste Water)

  • Air               1,000 kg/year
  • Water          10 kg/year
  • Soil              10 kg/year


  • carcinogenic
  • toxic
  • suspected reproductive toxicity (shown in animal experiments)

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