Implementation and further development of the adaptation strategy

Adaptation to climate change is a process which must be periodically aligned with changing conditions. The action plan sets out the framework for the implementation of the adaptation strategy in the years 2014 to 2019.

Overview of the different activities for the implementation and further development of the adaptation strategy in future years 

Implementation of the Federal Offices’ measures

The Federal Offices’ adaptation measures will be firmed up and implemented as part of individual sector policies in future years. The Federal Offices have set priorities for their measures which are based on the assessment of the areas for action in Part 1 of the strategy. The high-priority measures will take precedence in the implementation stage.

Need for action by the legislature

The measures summarised in the action plan can be implemented within the existing legislation. Some measures form part of ongoing amendments. Others concern reviews of the legal requirements and foundations. However, no concrete changes to legal provisions are planned at present.

Horizontal and vertical coordination

In accordance with Article 1 of the CO2 Act, Article 15 of the CO2 Ordinance and the explanatory report, the FOEN will handle the alignment of the adaptation measures at both the Federal level (horizontal coordination) and, taking the existing assignment of responsibilities into account, between the Confederation and the cantons (vertical coordination). The adaptation measures will be aligned on the Federal level as part of the existing collaboration between the Federal Offices and in the interdepartmental committee on the climate (IDA Klima). Many of the measures proposed by the Federal Offices affect the cantons. In these cases, the Federal Offices will ensure that the cantons are involved in the planning and implementation of the measures as part of their existing collaboration. The FOEN will create an appropriate coordination structure for the cross-sectoral alignment of the adaptation to climate change between the Confederation and the cantons.

Further development of the strategy

The existing strategy was created on the basis of our current knowledge of climate change, its impact and possible adaptation measures. This level of knowledge will improve as climate change progresses, new scientific findings become available and concrete experience with adaptation to climate change is gained. Accordingly, it will not only be possible but also necessary to evaluate and further develop the adaptation strategy and its implementation. 

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