Cantonal reporting

The cantons are responsible for reducing CO2 emissions from buildings and submit reports on this topic to the federal government.

These regular reports include information about targeted and planned CO2 reduction measures and their impact as well as developments in CO2 emissions from buildings in cantonal territories.

Starting in 2018, reporting to the FOEN will be coordinated with current reporting to the SFOE under the Energy Act. The reporting process is further explained in the document below.

The figure below provides an overview of cantonal reporting to the federal government in the area of energy and climate starting in 2018.

Reporting from 2018 – Overview

Most recent reporting

The documents below contain the latest data and findings from the reporting in the building sector.

Entering CO2 emissions from buildings:

Further information


Methodik ECOSPEED Immo (PDF, 597 kB, 17.05.2018)Berechnung der CO2-Emissionen im Gebäudebereich auf Basis der Gebäude- und Wohnungsstatistik (GWS) und des Gebäudeparkmodells (GPM) (available in German or in French)

Faktenblatt CO2-Emissionsfaktoren für die Berichterstattung der Kantone (PDF, 79 kB, 15.02.2018)Compilation of the CO2 emission factors for the cantonal reporting in the buildings sector (in German, also available in French and Italian).

CO2-Emissionsfaktoren des schweizerischen Treibhausgasinventars (PDF, 316 kB, 15.04.2019)Compilation of the CO2 emission factors and energy content of the various energy sources that are used in the greenhouse gas inventory (in German, also available in French and Italian).

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