CO2 emissions regulations for vehicles

In Switzerland, CO2 emissions regulations similar to those of the EU were introduced for new cars in July 2012: from 2015, the average new car fleet may not exceed 130 g CO2 per kilometre of emissions. From 2020, the target is 95 g CO2 per kilometre for passenger cars. CO2 emissions standards will also be introduced for delivery vans and light commercial vehicles, which will be required to meet an average target value of 147 g CO2 per kilometre. Swiss vehicle importers are subject to this requirement, and will have to pay a fine if they do not meet their individual CO2 targets.

Statutory CO2 emissions standards for new passenger cars will be tightened continuously. As part of the Energy Strategy 2050, the average target value for new passenger cars is still being lowered from 130 g to 95 g CO2 per kilometre. At the same time, CO2 emissions standards for new delivery vans and light commercial vehicles will be introduced as of 2020.

More information about the CO2 emissions standards for cars and light commercial vehicles can be found here:

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