Emission reduction projects abroad and certificates

Unter the UN Climate Change Convention, countries can use market mechanisms to count emission reductions achieved abroad towards their emission reduction targets. Under the Kyoto Protocol, these are the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) until 2020. The Paris Agreement, which governs international climate policy from 2021, provides new approaches that Switzerland intends to test with pilot projects.

Flexibility mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol (until 2020)

Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)

With the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) tradable emission reduction certificates can be generated from emission reduction project in developing countries.

Joint Implementation (JI)

Joint Implementation (JI) refers to emission reduction projects that are carried out in developed countries or transition countries. The emission reduction certificates generated are tradable.

National Secretariat

In Switzerland the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol are implemented by SwissFlex. How is this Secretariat organized and what are its responsibilities?

New approaches in accordance with the Paris Agreement (from 2021)

Pilot projects on new approaches

Switzerland and the Climate Cent Foundation have concluded a contract for the use of remaining Foundation assets. Pilot projects will be launched to test new market approaches under the Paris Agreement and to develop concrete solutions for the post-2020 period. Switzerland intends to contribute these experiences to the negotiations.

Quality requirements for certificates

In Switzerland, under the current CO2 Act and to a limited extent only certificates issued according to the international procedures of the UN Framework Convention on Climate and its Kyoto Protocol can be counted towards fulfilling the emitter's commitments. These include

  • “Certified Emission Reductions” (CERs) from projects of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM, Art. 12 Kyoto Protocol) and
  • “Emission Reduction Units” (ERUs) resulting from Joint Implementation projects (JI, Art. 6 Kyoto Protocol).

These certificates must also meet the quality requirements of Annex 2 of the CO2 Ordinance

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