Voluntary industry solution for SF6

The voluntary industry solution has the goal of limiting consumption and emissions of SF6 as far as possible. It is coordinated by Swissmem.

SF6 is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming potential of 22,800 (1 kg of SF6 emissions is equivalent in potency to 22.8 tonnes of CO2). Its use is strictly prohibited, with exceptions for applications in which SF6 cannot be replaced by other substances (such as insulating gas in electric high-voltage equipment or particle accelerators).

Among others, the two agreements provide for reduction targets for 2020 (3.2 tonne for SF6 from the manufacture and operation of highest-, high- and middle-voltage installations, and 0.45 tonne of SF6 from particle accelerators respectively). The coordination of the agreement is undertaken across the economy by Swissmem. Swissmem creates an annual SF6 mass balance, which is incorporated
into the Swiss greenhouse gas inventory.

Last modification 08.05.2020

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