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Municipal authorities can play an active part in achieving a climate-neutral Switzerland. They can make the most of their scope for action on climate and energy policy, fulfil their role model function, and prepare themselves for climate-related changes. Official communications on climate protection are an integral part of this.

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The Climate Programme provides support and consulting to communes with practical services and communications initiatives to promote climate protection at the municipal authority level. It works with a range of partners here, such as the Klima-Bündnis Schweiz climate alliance on a series of events on climate protection, and specialist articles in the Schweizer Gemeinde magazine published by the Schweizerischer Gemeindeverband association of Swiss communes. In tandem with the SFOE's SwissEnergy for Communes programme section, the Climate Programme offers events and training courses, produces useful aids, and publishes information. The following aids are available for the key issue of adaptation to climate change, with a particular focus on green spaces:

Planning aids and good practice

The planning aid for green and open spaces produced by the Climate Programme, SwissEnergy for Communes and Energy City shows how and where communes can get to work. It sets out specific planning, implementation and maintenance measures, and presents case studies from other communes.

Short video on climate-adapted green and open spaces

The commune of Suhr in the canton of Aargau has created more municipal green and open spaces that can be managed in a near-natural, climate-adapted way. Specific examples illustrate the added value for nature and the population alike. The video was produced in collaboration with SwissEnergy for Communes and Energy City.

Short video on climate-adapted green and open spaces, with specific real-life examples from the commune of Suhr (available in German or with subtitles in French and Italian)

Climate communications

Municipal authorities (city and commune) fulfil an important role in providing information to their residents. Active climate communications can bring climate-related issues to the general population and thereby raise public consciousness. The Climate Programme supports these communications with targeted and easily applicable services and materials.

Sticky notes for efficient, effective communication

Sticky notes featuring practical tips from the Climate Programme support PR activities at the city and commune levels. They are a fun way to help raise awareness among the population of a climate-friendly way of life. Succinct, motivational climate tips in Post-It form are the perfect way to get things off the ground. Stuck in strategically important locations, they serve as a reminder both at home and at work. The computer keyboard is one example, with a note to 'Go by bike!', or 'Lights out!' by the door. These remind people of their good intentions in the right place and at the right time. Little by little, old habits can be changed, and positive new experiences can take their place.

Climate tips
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The set of sticky notes (with tips and empty pages for personal tips or notes), as well as a useful guide, can be displayed at the counter in municipal authority offices, handed out at events, or sent out by post.

Order climate tips free of charge from, art. no. 810.400.137.d (in German or in French, available while stocks last)

Digital climate tips on food waste and heating

Selected climate tips on the topics of food waste and heating are also available in digital form. They can be integrated into commune websites, or used in presentations, for example (available in German or in French).

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