Host countries for projects abroad

Switzerland wants to conclude bilateral agreements with interested host countries and thus pave the way for private individuals to run specific projects abroad. The first agreements were signed with Peru and Ghana in autumn 2020.

Switzerland is looking for potential partner countries interested in the transfer of emissions reductions in accordance with Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement. Agreements with these countries will form the legal framework for commercial contracts between buyers and sellers of emissions reductions.

The first agreement of its kind in the world was concluded with Peru on 20 October 2020. It governs the prevention of double counting and the transfer of reductions achieved. It also includes criteria to ensure that the projects do not harm the environment, and that they encourage sustainable development and respect human rights.

Switzerland signed another agreement with Ghana on 23 November 2020 allowing Switzerland to offset emissions through projects abroad. Two further agreements followed in July 2021 with Senegal and Vanuatu.

Interested countries or stakeholder groups can contact the Federal Office for the Environment at The Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset (KliK) is responsible for funding specific projects.

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Last modification 19.07.2021

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