Climate change in Switzerland (Summary)

Year 2013
Pages 11
Number UZ-1308-E
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology, Meteoswiss
Series State of the environment

Indicators of driving forces, impact and response.

This report presents a brief outline of the multiple interactions between the climate and the natural and anthropogenic environments. With the help of indicators, it explains the pressure exerted by human activities on the climate (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions), documents the evolution of the sources of this pressure and traces the evolution of the climate based on data that go back in some cases over a century. It shows the numerous indicators that demonstrate the changes in the climate in Switzerland, whether in the cryosphere, the hydrosphere, vegetation, human health, the economy or the society. In order to provide the basis for decisions regarding the necessary actions and to monitor the results of the measures taken, other areas are also analysed and documented.

Climate change in Switzerland. Indicators of driving forces, impact and response (Summary) (PDF, 835 kB, 10.04.2013)

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