The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) promotes the dialogue between business, science, society and the public sector on the topic of the ressource-conserving economy and resource efficiency. The overriding objective is to join forces to reduce the environmental impact by adopting resource-conserving, recyclable production methods and business models, while at the same time increasing Swiss competitiveness. In addition to holding the dialogue already established with representatives from business, environmental organisations and science, the FOEN is a member of the “Go for impact” association.

The “Go for impact” association was formed in February 2018. At its heart is the GO FOR IMPACT concept model to act as a stimulus for resource-conserving and socially acceptable economies with high value creation. The model is aligned on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The association is intended to be a neutral space to promote constructive collaboration between business, science, society and the public sector. The association seeks to help companies to reduce their negative and increase their positive impact on the environment nationally and internationally. The focus is on primary resources and materials. Under its constitution, the group is politically neutral and does not seek commercial gain. It is directed towards measurable and relevant results whenever possible.

Last modification 03.03.2022

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