Based on the 2013 Green Economy Action Plan and the report noted by the Federal Council 20 April 2016, the FOEN aims to specifically promote the topic of the green economy and resource efficiency in the voluntary, non-regulatory context through a future-oriented dialogue between business, science, society and the public sector. The aim of the dialogue is to reduce environmental impacts in Switzerland, close material cycles and increase Switzerland’s competitiveness.

In addition to established stakeholder dialogues, the FOEN is implementing the following measures:

Green Economy Dialogue Portal - The operation of a Green Economy Dialogue Portal, which aims to highlight current efforts on the part of business, science, society and the public sector and to stimulate dialogue. The portal demonstrates the variety of business models, activities and initiatives in the area of the green economy and provides a space for the expression of different opinions on the topic. It aims to enable networking, stimulate innovation and pool forces for a more resource-conserving and efficient approach to natural resources.

The overriding objective is to reduce Switzerland’s impact on the environment while simultaneously maintaining or increasing its competitiveness. The portal is not a mouthpiece for the perspective of an individual actor but a thematic platform for the promotion of a green economy.

“go for impact”- dialogue with an impulse group consisting of selected individuals from business, science, society and the public sector. The members of the impulse group met between summer 2015 and summer 2016 at the invitation of the FOEN and explored the questions as to how the transformation to a resource-conserving and efficient approach to the economy and consumption can be tackled expediently, which models, approaches and levers are particularly promising, and which actors have a particularly important role to play here.

The result of this dialogue process is “go for impact”, a model that aims to provide inspiration and guidance for the development of a more resource-conserving economy. The core messages of “go for impact” are:

  • Switzerland can achieve a resource-conserving approach to the economy and consumption if business, science, society and the public sector cooperate. Many companies are seeking greater cooperation with suppliers, competitors and customers and also with the authorities and civil society actors. Better use should be made of this potential.
  • Using resources more efficiently represents both a challenge and opportunity. It drives innovation in business and science. Trends arising in other areas that offer hidden potential for resource conservation, for example digitisation and the sharing economy, should also be exploited.
  • By adopting a resource-conserving approach to the economy and consumption, Switzerland aims to contribute to overcoming the global challenges involved in remaining within the planetary boundaries. Action should be taken in the areas in which the Swiss economy can have the greatest impact.

“go for impact” was presented to the public at the Swiss Green Economy Symposium in Winterthur on 14 November 2016. Companies, science, societal actors and the public sector are invited to take up the impulse, connect and initiate sustainable projects.

In addition, the FOEN is involved in the ‘Resource Trialogue’ initiated in the canton of Aargau.

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