What is understood by the term “green economy”?

Switzerland understands a green economy as one that takes the scarcity of limited natural resources and the regeneration capacity of renewable resources into account, enhances resource efficiency, and hence boosts the overall performance of the economy and quality of life.

The transition to a green economy is a long-term task for Switzerland and the rest of the world. Natural resources should be used far more efficiently and sparingly so that the natural foundations of life in Switzerland and throughout the world can be conserved for the generations to come. For this reason, developing approaches for improving resource efficiency that are compatible with the needs of economic competition is a challenge and responsibility that must be shared by the state and private actors.

Thanks to corresponding measures for a green economy, companies in Switzerland will continue to play to their innovative strengths in the future and bring resource-efficient technologies to global markets. Last but not least, consumption will also become more environmentally-friendly.

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Last modification 20.04.2016

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