New web portal for dialogue on a future-proof green economy

Bern, 14.08.2015 - How can we conserve natural resources and reduce costs? The new dialogue portal presents examples of companies which practise this approach, allows actors from business, science, society and the public sector to have their say, and aims to reflect the full spectrum of opinions on related topics. The Federal Office for the Environment FOEN operates the web portal as an open forum in the framework of the Federal Council’s Green Economy Action Plan.

How can the environmental impact of the Swiss economy and consumption be reduced while simultaneously increasing competitiveness? What action are Swiss companies taking in this area today despite the strength of the Swiss franc? What role does Switzerland play at international level? The dialogue portal provides examples, answers and opinions. For example, the portal currently presents reports on Switzerland‘s biggest recycling operation, Stahl Gerlafingen, and herbal sweet manufacturer Ricola's new earth building.

A background piece describes the challenges that exist in the area of resource consumption and provides consumers with tips for a resource-conserving lifestyle. The Federal Office for the Environment FOEN developed the portal - based on the Federal Council's Green Economy Action Plan - and operates it as an open forum. Hence, the green economy portal provides an arena for the expression of wide-ranging and controversial views on the topic of the green economy and is not the mouthpiece of a single actor or interest group.

Reducing environmental pollution and increasing competitiveness

Using current journalistic contributions, the dialogue portal demonstrates the ideas and strategies already being implemented by companies to conserve natural resources and thus reduce costs and access new markets. It highlights the conditions necessary to accelerate this process, the solutions being investigated by scientists, the initiatives emerging in society and the contributions that can be made by the state.

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