Environmental research

In dealing with environmental policy tasks, it is essential to be able to draw on the results of an adequate body of research. The FOEN is responsible for making available an action- and practice-oriented basis for environmental policy decisions.

As the FOEN has no research facilities of its own, it cooperates closely with external specialists, awarding research contracts to the Federal Institutes of Technology, cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and private-sector organizations.

Information on environmental research

Environmental research: Mandate, objectives, funding

The FOEN's environmental research forms an essential basis for efficient and effective environmental and resource policy. It provides the principles on which measures can be taken, and is designed to enable new environmental problems to be identified early, to develop innovative environmentally and resouce-friendly technologies, and to demonstrate the opportunities and risks of new technologies. The FOEN has a research budget of approx. CHF 8 million per year.

Master Plan for Environmental Research

The current «Master Plan for Environmental Research for 2013–2016» (in German and French) sets out five strategic goals and the 18 areas of research along with the specific research needs for the 2013-2016 period. It also gives an overview of the interactions between research in environmental policy and the tasks and themes of other institutions and federal agencies.

Scientific advisory group

Consulting group of the FOEN for Environmental Research (OFU/ORE)

Funding by Swiss foundations

Funding in the environmental and energy domains as well as in education, research and innovation.

Further information

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